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 Energy Suit - 3 Multimodes

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enzp_extra_packs 10 // How many Energy is given at suit purchase
enzp_regen_energy 1 // On / off energy regeneration?
enzp_regen_time 3.0 // How many seconds will be regeneration 1 Energy
enzp_energy_time 1.0 // When the mode is activated, everyone Х second will get опред. An energy quantity (depends from квара modes)
enzp_invisible_packs 1 // during Х (that above) energy will be spent for invisibility How many
enzp_speed_packs 1 // energy during Х (that above) for the Speed will be spent How many
enzp_speed_added 1000.0 // How many Will be speed if the mode "Extra Speed" is activated
enzp_godmone_packs 2 // during Х (that above) energy will be spent for Invulnerability How many
enzp_godmode_glow 1 // to Give illumination during invulnerability
enzp_max_packs 50 // the Maximum quantity of energy which you can have.
enzp_timelimit 3.0 // Time after which it will be possible to activate any mode again. (Type a mode recharge)

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Energy Suit - 3 Multimodes
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